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Fire & Emergency Services

This Department deals with the safety of life and property from accidental fire and other natural / man made disasters. The Fire & Emergency Services, J&K was established in the year 1893 as Srinagar Fire Brigade. Some of the town areas were also having their fire brigades with few men. The Fire & Emergency Services, J&K is presently spread over 164 Fire & Emergency Stations all over the State.

The motto of the Services is "We serve to save". The role of Fire & Emergency Services, J&K, was earlier confined to Fire Fighting to safeguard life and property. The department has been renamed as Fire & Emergency Services Department as such the nature of duties viz a viz the responsibilities have increased substantially.

The department has to attend each and every sort of emergency/ disasters etc. like floods/ flash floods, rescue from water, earthquakes, chemical disasters, gas leakages, road accidents, building collapses, avalanches, forest fires, drought besides manmade disasters like war, air raids, bomb blasts etc.

The department is trying to strengthen and improve the services by providing Hi-tech Disaster Management equipment and training of manpower to deal with such exigencies. The department has procured some specialized appliances and equipment for Disaster Management and some are proposed to be purchased for equipping the department properly.

Working of the department

  • To safeguard life and property of common masses;
  • Disaster Management;
  • Fire fighting and mitigation of losses in fires even during terrorist attacks, cross firing, bomb/ mine blasts;
  • Rescue during floods/ flash floods;
  • Dewatering during floods and heavy rains;
  • Providing of potable drinking water during floods as well as drought;
  • Evacuation of affected people in both rural and urban areas;
  • Search and rescue in the areas hit by earthquakes.
  • Fire Prevention Public Awareness through print and electronic media; conducting seminars, delivering lectures in public gatherings, educational institutions, conducting of inspections, fire auditing; risk assessment and recommendations thereof; mock drills in various industries and commercial/ Government institutions;
  • Establishment of Temporary Stations during VVIP visits, religious/ public gatherings, exhibitions, establishment of number of temporary Fire & Emergency Stations every year during Holy Amar Nath Ji yatra and other festivals
  • Upkeep and maintenance of large fleet of appliances, equipment and portable pumps.